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Our goal is spiritual enhancement through Brotherhood and Love. It is a real opportunity to work on the
Third & Eleventh Steps; or have that much needed change.

Retreats Are A Place To…..

— get away from everyday life ( please leave it behind ).

— spend quiet time with yourself.

— a place to relax and “Let It Happen !”

— a place to find that “something else” , that you see in others.

— a place for prayer and meditation.

— a place to find or renew yourself with a “Higher Power” as you understand him.

— a place to strengthen your spiritually.

— a place to get reacquainted with old friends and meet new ones.

— a place to share experience, strength, and hope with fifty or so others in Recovery for an entire
weekend; not just for an hour or hour & a half.

— get other points of view on different phases of Recovery.

— hear messages from people like yourself in Recovery; that have helped hundreds or even thousands.

— there are times for naps to let the body, mind & soul rest.

— or there are times for nature walks to awaken the body, mind & soul.

— a place for you to be “just you”.

                               You are Welcomed– Please Come & Walk with Us !

The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement, Inc. is a nonprofit
corporation of men and women alcoholics to aid and  
encourage the formation of Matt Talbot Retreat Groups,
so that the alcoholic can obtain Spiritual rehabilitation.
Matt Talbot Retreats are not affiliated with A. A. in any
way. We are a private group of men and women who
happen to be in Recovery from alcoholism.
These retreats are non-sectarian and are for alcoholics
regardless of Sex, Race, Color or Creed. Church and /
or religious affiliation is not a requirement.

We are a non-discriminatory group !
   Separate Groups for men and women.
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