Scheduled Retreats
Retreats for Men's Matt Talbot group 27 East
are held twice a year.
Almost always on Mothers Day weekend &
the third weekend in September
Currently scheduled
Matt Talbot Retreats for Men's Group 27East

The Retreat for May 8-10, 2020 has been canceled
due to the COVID-19 virus, we pray that all remain healthy

Sept 18-20, 2020  Brother Wayne Fitzpatrick

Due to the COVID-19 Virus the
Sept. 2020 retreat is also cancelled

May 7-9, 2021  Sister Helen Schmitt

Sept. 17-19, 2021  Fr. Guy Sciacca

May 6-8, 2022  open at this time

Sept. 16-18, 2022  Fr. Tom Weston
Matt Talbot Retreat Group 27 East
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