This Group
This Matt Talbot group was formed as group 27 in 1968 at Round Hill.
The first retreat had 17 men with ten being from either Group 8 and/or
Group 10.  It moved to this retreat house on Mothers day weekend of
1970. They met once a year until 1975 when they started to have two
retreats a year, one spring and one fall. The group grew and in 1984 they
started to meet four times a year, twice in the spring and twice in the fall.
In the fall of 1986 they split into two separate groups, 27 East & 27 West.
Each meeting twice a year. Somewhere around 1988 another group # 86
was formed with some breaking  away from this group also. Then
because this was a retreat house that allowed smoking and someone had
health problems, another group was started breaking away to form a
non-smoking retreat in about 1993 and thus was born Matt Talbot Group
127. Of course all retreat houses have gone non-smoking in recent years.
Ours individual numbers are now in the numbers just over 1200, with
around 200 active on our current mailing list. Many come twice a year,
some only come in the spring and others only in the fall. Even though most
of our retreatants come from eastern Massachusetts, from the north shore
of Boston to Cape Cod. Many others come from places like, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and even Florida.
This Group is just that- A GROUP. We have officers and area captains. Captains are those that
have come to regard these retreats as something special; who constantly return year after year,
or twice a year and promote them to others in their areas. We usually have about 12-15 area
captains at any given time. We have a secretary/ treasurer, a chair person, & three vice-chairs.
The chair position is a two year position (4 retreats), then the chair steps down and the next chair
steps in. Then an area captain is elected to fill in as the next vice chair. Every few years new
captains are nominated and elected. So things continue to evolve. We remove those from the
mailing list that we have not heard from after two years (4 retreats). If we hear from them again,
they are put back on. This aids us in keeping the list to around two hundred. There are only
seventy beds in the retreat house and even keeping the list at two hundred many of
our retreats fill up very fast.
Matt Talbot Retreat Group 27 East
    Each retreat is made possible, not only by the officers, but by all those that attend. We have
about twenty-five officers, past chairs & area captains at a given time. Yet about another 10-15
men take on special assignments to make the spiritual weekend possible. Also each individual
must be considered for their contribution in being there, in taking part, in discussion groups, Mass,
meditation, conferences and meetings. Our retreats are definitely a group effort